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Causes of Alcoholism Essay

Posted by admin as Free papers

Alcoholism is a serious problem of our society. Millions of people die because of the negative impact of alcohol annually. Moreover, alcoholism ruins social relations and financial stability of an individual.

People sell their most expensive and valuable things in order to purchase whiskey, vodka or beer. They forget about their families and friends. Alcohol becomes the center of their life. Everyone knows about the effects of alcoholism. But have you ever thought about the factors, which cause it? Let us observe this issue in detail.

There are several causes of alcoholism and it is impossible to define the major one. Most often, several factors influence the human organism together. To begin with, there is a biological or physiological factor. Many people enjoy alcohol and its influence on their organism. They like its taste and they consume alcohol frequently. Evidently, the human body gets used to the repeated actions. When you consume alcohol several times per week, you are under the risk of addiction. Your organism demands alcohol if you stop consuming it. It is a serious stress for your organism, which has got used to these substances. Consequently, one has to drink systematically, to avoid this stress. Naturally, physiological addiction is the last stage of alcoholism, because the first stages are connected with the psychological addiction.

Psychological cause is very serious for addiction. People consume alcohol, because it changes their mood and behavior. It does not worth mentioning that many people suffer from boredom and daily routine. They want to escape from stress and boredom with the help of alcohol. Very often, alcoholism is connected with harmful behavior, because a human being cannot control her own actions. Alcohol influences our mind and we cannot evaluate the situation logically. Some people enjoy this condition and they use these substances to escape from the reality. It is possible to say that the people who suffer from constant stress and anxiety are under the biggest risk of addiction, because alcohol changes their mood for the better.

Next, there are socio-cultural factors. Everybody knows that there are cultures, which have their valuable traditional drinks. People have been consuming these drinks for centuries and they possess enormous value for their culture. Everybody knows that Greece, Italy, France and Spain are the countries, which produce and consume wine. The UK, Germany and Belgium prefer beer.

Scandinavian and Slavonic countries are famous for their vodka. Alcohol is an integral part of these cultures. People have got used to drinking alcohol and it is a norm for them. When people want to communicate or solve a problem, they usually discuss this problem drinking beer or whiskey. In these countries, consumption of alcohol is tolerated and encouraged. Furthermore, children look at their parents and follow their behavior and cultural values of their society. Consequently, people learn to drink from the earliest years of their life.  

When we speak about children, we should say that social environment is the main cause of addiction. Children are able to see their parents and relatives who consume alcohol frequently and they believe that alcohol is a regular thing. Moreover, they can see hundreds of advertisements on TV and in the Internet. Corporations and small firms advertise alcohol and show its strong sides.

Every ad contains a bright and joyful picture. Children see happy faces of the people who consume beer or vodka and they believe that these substances can make them happier. Therefore, I should say that mass culture is the last important cause of alcoholism, because every song, movie and TV show contains information and propaganda of alcohol.

Alcoholism is a relevant and important problem but it is impossible to struggle against it, because alcohol is a very important part of numerous cultures. There are many factors, which cause alcoholism and they do not work separately. They make their complex impact on the human mind.

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