The Adventures of Nap Man

The Adventures of Nap Man

Chris Foster was born the hospital in Fayetteville, Arkansas on February 27, 1929 “at a very young age” to Bob and Marge Foster. After Chris’ birth, the proud parents took their newborn son to their home in Hogeye, Ark.

Chris grew at the usual rate, and was soon helping his mother with chores on the small family farm, mostly pulling weeds from the garden, milking the family goat, and feeding and collecting eggs from the chickens.

After Chris six, he was enrolled in school in neighboring West Fork, where he learned quickly, rising to the top of his class. Chris also made two new friends, Bob and Sarah Little, twins, who, as it turned out, also lived in Hogeye.

The three became inseparable, staying friends through grade school, middle school, and even into high school.

Chris had even taken a liking to Sarah, and was about to ask her to the senior prom when, alas, she accepted an invitation to the prom from prom from Greg Steel. Though Sarah and Greg never dated, again, Chris never found the courage to ask Sarah out. After graduation from high school, Sarah moved to New York City and became a super model, and that was the last time Chris ever heard from her.

In the mean time, Chris enrolled at the University of Arkansas and, after a year in general studies, settled on a path towards a teaching degree, with a specialty in latin studies.

Upon graduation in 1951, Chris moved to Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, where he took a teaching job at Broken Arrow High School, teaching beginning English and swimming.

Chris longed to make a difference in the world. And teaching English and coaching the high school swim team just wasn’t working for him.

Yet, Chris soon discovered that he had an unusual power, the power to make his students drowsy, and even to put some of them to sleep.

“I must use this power for good,” Chris though to himself. “But no one must know my true identity.” Thus Chris continued his teaching career at Broken Arrow High, and began his crime fighting adventures.

And now, the adventures of Nap Man begin.

(to be continued)

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